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Materials and Structures

The department Materials and Structures ( MAST) is one of the five departments of Ifsttar. Created in January, 2013, it includes 8 laboratories appropriate to the IFSTTAR and the laboratory Navier (mixed unit of research) for the French national school of civil engineering ENPC (FRENCH NATIONAL SCHOOL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING)), the IFSTTAR and the CNRS (NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH). The permanent staff of the department (141 people except Navier, 204 with Navier) divides up, except 9 people of the management team, on two centers : Marne-la-Vallée (60 people in four appropriate laboratories more 63 people in the laboratory Navier) and Nantes (72 people in 4 laboratories).

The direction of the department MAST consists of the director of the department (Thierry Kretz), two assistant directors of site (Bruno Godart in Marne-la-Vallée and Christian Tessier in Nantes), a research and development assistant director (Jean-Michel Torrenti) assisted by two scientific delegates (François Toutlemonde - in responsibility also international actions of the department - and Jean-Noel Roux) and two scientific experts (Jean-Maurice Balay and Pierre Rossi, the latter is on the site of Marseille), a person in charge of the technical actions and the innovation (Fabienne Anfosso-Ledée) and an administrative pole (Valérie Fournier).