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Besides its activities of research, the department is very active in the field of the expertise, in particular in the field of the bridges, the roads and the linear infrastructures, and of the civil engineering bound to the power production (in particular the nuclear civil engineering). This expertise leans on the radiation of a number of "senior" executives, on the internal cultural complementarity engineering / analysis and investigations of laboratory, on the links existing with the occupational environment (in particular via the normalization, the certification and the associative environment), and on the links with the Scientific and technical Network of the MEDDE.

At the level of the Direction of the Department, the main skills in expertise carry on :

  • the pathology, the auscultation, the repair and the maintennace of works of engineering
  • the mechanical behavior, the durability and the pathology of the concrete, the steel and the masonry
  • the prestressed, the concretes fibrés ultrasuccessful (BFUP)
  • the properties of use of the road infrastructures (contact tire / road, emission of noise)